Identify the group that house the document uploaded for training

Just uploaded a document (vendor invoice) to the learning Instance, have trouble to identify which AA group the document being assigned to. The document must have been being assigned to an existing group as we previously loaded invoices from the same vendor before ( of same format). We click into each and every existing group ( and there are a lots of them, active and non active) wanting to find the document (invoice) we just loaded but failed to do so. is there a better more user friendly way to easily find who went where in AA? it has been the biggest problem we are facing in AA that we have to keep an Excel worksheet to keep track of which vendor (invoice) sits in which group in AA.


  • Hi Alternate,
    You should be able to add a description next to the Group in the Bot Menu. I hope this helps.


  • Only with certain version like A2019 I believe. Unfortunately we are not using that. But thanks.

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