Queue funtionality

How will the usage of BOT runner could be integrated with workflows processing steps, in the sense that the enactment of multiple parallel tasks might end up calling the BOT runner at the same instance. Is this fully covered from the Queue functionality? Any info/material/use case would be much appreciated


  • Hello Stathis,

    If you are planning to setup Multiple Parallel tasks it might be worth your time to investigate the Device Pool functionality. Essentially assigning a pool of Bots to the tasks so that no Bot Runners have too long a queue.

    Secondly, if you are attempting to run multiple Bots all on the same BotRunner or if you are using the WLM/Queue functionality then i would suggest that you assign the Bots a Priority. It will assess which Bot needs to be run over another. This functionality cannot interrupt a task but simply choose which should go next.

    I hope this has helped


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