Is there any way to use Web Recorder with Google Chrome

im trying to use web recorder with google chrome, but web recorder automatically opens Internet Explorer.
I'm using Chrome as Default browser and already did the steps in this KB:

Thank you Everyone


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    Hi Elsoares,

    It is not possible to use Web Recorder with Google Chrome if you are using the current release (AAE v11).

    MS Internet Explorer is the best browser to use with Web Recorder (at least until future releases are announced).

    I hope that this helps.


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    Just an update on your question. The newly announced release of AAE (A2019) now works with Google Chrome so you do not need to use Internet Explorer with the latest update.

    The 3 recorders available in previous releases have now merged into a single Universal Recorder, which will hopefully simplify the process of your task.

    I recommend that you check-out all the latest features, as this update is a great leap from v11.

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