Is NEET difficult?

Is NEET difficult

Is NEET really difficult? I guess yes if you don’t study well or have not to join a proper institute or coaching for NEET. Agarwal next is the best coaching in Mumbai for NEET and if you want to secure AIR rank.

NEET is a highly competitive exam. And it is one of the difficult entrances to our country. So, in the end, it is on you that how you are preparing for the exam. It's your preparation that matters. And if you are from the open category, and wanted to be in a good college then you have to study hard. If you want to get good government college, you will have to give up most of the things which will spoil your time like social media, games, roaming around with friends, parties, etc. if you study more than 6 hours in a day, you will easily score 650 plus.

And if you are thinking to start NEET preparation with 12th it would be better but if you are attending college, practicals, and class then I will not suggest you prepare with 12th if you are doing it by integrated, you will get the time for preparation. The most important is which institute you are choosing for NEET. Agarwal next is the institute in which the number of students who have got above 90 percentile. Agarwal next’s faculties put lots of effort for students and the pattern is different than other classes and they get it done by students, so yes that is why the result of Agarwal next’s is always high. Solve previous year's paper as much as you can. It helps you to make a preparation strategy.

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