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I have a question about configuring AA to run multiple Bot Runners - do each have to be on a separate machine or is there a way to have 2 runners on one machine if they are operating independently with different applications / workflows, but are running simultaneously?

Also, is there anyone out there who is running AA in a large environment, and would be willing to have a conversation with me regarding their setup?

Many thanks.


  • You will need 2 separate machines, as 2 bots cannot run on a machine at the same time.

    If this is a time issue, try scheduling your processes to run overnight.

    Hope this helps!

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    As mentioned by Will you would need to have two separate machines (one per bot runner). Extra Technology regularly carries out the setup and configuration of Automation Anywhere for large organisations, I would be more than happy to discuss how we do this and answer any questions that you have.

    I will drop you a message so that you have my contact details.

    Kind Regards,

    Daniel Chidgey

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