Go to cell in excel workbook that is already open

I have a bot that gets a report from SAP and exports into excel. The file is automatically opened and I have my Bot waiting for that file to open. Once it opens I want to use the built in excel functions to go to Cell AR2. I cannot figure out how to do this regarding the session name. I keep getting "cannot find any open spreadsheet command using session name "Default" " Error. Can anyone help me with this? What would be the session name if the file is already opened outside of AA?


  • Hi oneillp111, Please can you send over a copy of your code for analysis and we will see what we can do to help. Many thanks - Extra Technology.

  • Hi @oneillp111, Goto cell won't work without open spreadsheet command. The simplest way to solve this issue is to close the excel using close window command and then open the same excel with open spreadsheet command after that goto cell and all the other excel commands will work properly.

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