"Drag and Drop" action in Automation Anywhere..

Is it possible to automate Drag and Drop functionality done in a Windows tool in Automation Anywhere?


  • Hi Andy. This is not recommended. There are alternative coding process that will allow for the data to be re positioned such as Object cloning or Web recorder.

    "Object cloning is specifically used for capturing objects that use technologies such as Flex, Silverlight, Java or HTML. It captures properties such as X,Y coordinates, object properties and image, if enabled.
    Web Recorder enables you to automate internet-related tasks such as extraction of like data or table data, source code from a website, navigate to a URL and download data. It also allows one to extract data in table or pattern-based to a CSV file".

    I also recommended attending a course with specific workshops on Object Cloning and all the Recorder options, like the Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional course we run at Extra Technology.
    Best Regards

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