Calling Excel Macros to AA tool

hi all,

I created a macro in excel by using record macro option, now recorded macro saved as enable macro. now i need to use that macro in my Automation Anywhere tool, can any when tell the detailed steps how to insert macro into AA. my requirement is i should use that macro for particular excel sheet in AA tool.


  • Hi @lokishbabu, please download the zip file(example to run macro from AA)

  • Hiya lokishbabu,

    If you want to run an Excel Macro from within Automation Anywhere, it will be under the Excel commands as "Run Excel Macro". The only information you will need is the Macro Name and any Macro arguments you may have.

    As a word to the warning, make sure your Excel Macros are robust. If an Excel Macro should fail halfway through the Automation task for any reason it will be unable to communicate this failure to the AA software and will just freeze the task-midway through.

    Hope this helps


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