Move Excel Data into Email Body

So recently I developed a Bot that would filter an Excel sheet and then add that sheet an email attachment before emailing it out to the necessary people.

I want to take it one step further and try to export the data into the Email Body so that the recipients won't have to open attachments just to view a few rows of data.

Any ideas on how to do this? I know you can move data from one CSV/Excel to another CSV/Excel by creating a loop that will loop through each cell per row in the datasheet, but I don't think it's possible looping and pasting info into an email body.


  • hi ngocalvin,

    Then do one thing, by using keystrokes we can copy the excel data and copy. try this, i think it will work.

  • Export the data as an iframe. If you use Excel Online (part of Teams), you can use File > Share > Embed.
    You then copy/paste the embed code into HMTL markup that goes in your email body. (Be sure to use HTML rather than Text)

  • This is the the simplest approach...

    Attached task bot file.

    Happy Automation!!!

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