Convert Excel Sheet To PDF

Can anyone help me on below tasks

1) How to convert an excel doc to pdf.
2) How to convert an specific excel sheet to pdf.



  • According to my knowledge, there is no direct option in AA to covert the excel file into PDF file. normally we will convert via online, so lunch website in AA and by using object cloning or keystrokes you can call that excel and convert into PDF.

  • Hi All. There is a Metabot within AA that will make the conversion, it is called ConvertExcelToPDF available from the bot store.

    Within the process there is both an Input and Output file for document handling. The framing/formatting of the input document will require coding in advance of the Metabot and depending on the complexity could be processed via Keystroke commands. The output document can then of course be processed as required to email, saved to file etc. If a specific sheet is required then one solution would be to code to extract it and sent that to the input file and process as above. I've tried it and it works well.

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