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I have a problem when writing an excel formula (Hyperlink). It changes the cell category to text, requiring that I manually switch to general category and press enter at the end.

Thank you very much in advance,

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  • Fabio, there are many reasons why a cell value can “suddenly” stop behaving as a hyperlink. I just wish I knew them all! Anyway, one thing I’ve seen quite a lot is that hyperlinks are NOT created when you paste some text into a cell.

    You COULD re-create the links manually, but this is laborious. So far, I haven’t found out a quick and easy way to FORMAT a RANGE or CELL as hyperlinks. You would think that would be a fairly reasonable request?

    Anyway, what I do in these situations is use Excel’s Hyperlink() function.

    If your first non-link cell is A1, go to cell B1 and type this: =HYPERLINK(A1)
    Then copy that formula down through the list of non-link cells

    The image above shows a list of non-links in column A and their counterparts, with links, in the column B. I did this by following the two instructions above.

    Of course, if you don’t want the extra column, do the same, but afterwards, replace the original column with your new column, but remember to copy and paste the cells with VALUES AND SOURCE FORMATTING

    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks I'll try.
    What I did as a palliative, was to change the type of the column in general to the hand and then to traverse the lines by pressing F2.

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