Downloading email attachment

Is there a way to download attachment from specific email using AA.
The get all messages in AA will download all attachments but need specific email.
I could run VBA code in outlook as a macro to download the attachment but this is disabled as a security measure in corporate office.


  • Hi Falcon,

    In answer to your question, yes there's a way you can do this.

    Use the “get all messages” and specify a file where you want the attachments get downloaded to (for example just a create a “Downloaded Attachments” folder and use that).

    Then within the “get all messages” loop use a “If” statement with a specific parameter to identify the email you are looking for (ie. IF Email Subject includes RequiredAttachment) then within that “If” copy the file to the required location using a “each file in a folder” loop command on that Downloaded Attachments folder so you can pick up the attachment name no matter what it is using the $FileName$ system variable within that loop.

    Then also put a “Else” within the first “If” statement, and under that “Else” do another “each file in a folder loop” on the Downloaded Attachments folder and within that loop use the “Delete file” command and delete the attachment again using the $FileName$ system variable.

    Here's a screenshot of what this should look like:

    Let me know if that works out for you.

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