Removing numbers in given string

Hi All,

I have a question, is there a way remove numbers in the given string the number might be anything which we don't and there many n number of numbers in the string, can this be done in automation anywhere please help.


  • Hi @Bhavanishankar

    Yes, this can be achieved using the string replace command, combined with a suitable RegEx expression (and ticking the RegEx option in the string replace command).

    For example: [0-9] in the find field and nothing in the replace field.

    I hope this helps.

    This is really easy to achieve in the Automation Anywhere Workbench.

  • Hi MarkMannion

    Thank you for answering, I will try this.

    I have another request can you please help me to trigger a bot when I recieve a mail, I am tried to use trigger option but I don't know how to use.

    Thanks in advance

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