Hello, im developing a metabot, but when i try to use it in a task in the task editor the metabots section is empty. Anyone knows if i forgot to do something? Any help is appreciated!


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    Depending on where you are in Automation Anywhere, you can either see an Accordion style control, with Automate in a heading on the left. You'll see Tasks, Metabots, Bot Store, Workflows in that view.

    If you are in the Workbench, you can see Metabots in a tab alongside commands.

    Once you have assigned logic on the Metabot, and added any inbound/outbound parameters, they will be prompted for when you drag the metabot into the main Task Actions List of the Workbench.

    If you don't see either if these, it could be you don't have the appropriate license or options configured correctly by your Control Room administrator.

    You won't see them in AA 2019

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