Automation doesn't fully sign out when task is interupted. Service Account gets "stuck"

While running a task that loops through an outlook mailbox all day at set intervals, we experienced a reoccuring issue when the task needs to be manually stopped through the control room.

The automation is run on a remote desktop using windows server 2012 R2, with the task being triggered remotely through the control room. Everything works fine until the task is stopped in the control room using the X (in Operations room). Once stopped, if a user manually signs into the remote desktop, they are greeted by a black screen with no options or ability to do anything. The service account is unavailable and locked during this time. (However the server itself can still be accessed using alternate service accounts).

Hoping to find any guidance on what might possibly be causing this or how we can go about avoiding it in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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