Copy and Paste on Excel


How can I copy and paste multiple cells between two sheets?
So far I've only managed a single cell at a time by putting the value inside a variable, but the spreadsheet has many rows to do one by one.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you!


  • you can use keystrokes to select the cells you want and then copy and paste those cells.
    Or else try Getcells to get the required values from the excel.

  • Copy, paste doesn't work using key stroke, I used all the available options.
    But I still want to get to know if anyone have a solution for this.
    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Shelby,

    If you happen to find a task too mundane, or if you find that your bot has too many lines of code, then I recommend using loops if this hasn't been done already. My advice would be to assign all the contents into a list variable, as you have been doing, then go onto the 'go to cells' (found in the Excel tool section) and then use the 'select cell below/across' and then put that into a loop. This will get the data from those cells for you - so you wont have 100's of unnecessary lines of code. You can use the same tools on the 'go to cells' option to go back and start on the row below and start the process again.

    Hope that works out for you, let us know if you have any issues.

  • hi helby,
    step 1; open spread sheet,the source excel sheet
    step2: get all the cells from excel i.e source excel sheet
    step 3 : open the spread sheet the target excel sheet where u need to past the data
    step 4. start the loop,all the rows from excel
    step5. set cell and system variable is exceel column1 repete the step 5 it depends upon how many columns u have
    step6.end loop.

  • Hi Lokishbabu,

    Can you explain step 5 with an example?

  • Hi @Shelby, We can use keystrokes to copy data from one sheet to another.

    Is this a simple copy paste task?

  • Step 01: Open the excel
    Step 02: Use Activate sheet command to open source sheet
    Step 03: Use Keystrokes command to copy data([CTRL DOWN]ac[CTRL UP])
    Step 02: Use Activate sheet command to open target sheet
    Step 04: Use Keystrokes command to paste data([CTRL DOWN]v[CTRL UP])

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