Extract from fields pdf

below I will show You a snapshot. I made a variable "name" and extract from fields in pdf. Variable is "AUDI AG" and AA see it.

And when I will show it in message box there are nothing.

Where I have a problem?


  • I have seen some issues with the PDF extraction before, I think it does depend on the PDF itself. Are you able to attach a snapshot of the PDF? Also, which version of AA are you using?

  • I use AA 10.7. But if it depends on the PDF...why I see this?

    In Field Value I see "AUDI AG" and when I will show this value on message box it is blank.
    Next, I find other PDF and there are the same.

  • Hi Franciszek00,
    select field through "Add Field" properly. see attached screenshots and follow the same way. there is no issue seems in PDF integration. Hope your issue will be resolve.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandeep Verma

  • If this PDF is actually scanned. no you can't do that use OCR then string manipulate it

  • Hi Franciszek00,
    Please see attached files. you need to add field and assign them to a variable. Don't understand why you are not getting. are you using an scanned file ? for OCR you need to have MODI installed on your machine.

    Sandeep Verma

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    I have the same problem as Franciszek00.... AA is not able to extract info from pdf.... I am using AA 11 and running the client on windows 10. The control room is on windows server 2012R2 (where the extraction actually works when running the AA client on the server).

  • Hello,
    I have a similar problem when I select the Extract Text and Estructured Text option.
    Displays the message: Unable to extract and does not export to the txt file. My AA is version 11.3

    **FATAL AAPlayer - PdfBoxPlugin:ExtractText for all pages > java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "79,30"

    ERROR AAPlayer - PluggablePdfCommand:PluggablePdfCommand: ReadAndPlayCommand > Automation.Plugins.PluginExceptions.PDF.ExtractionsExceptions: Exceção do tipo 'Automation.Plugins.PluginExceptions.PDF.ExtractionsExceptions' foi acionada.

  • Hi Kita,

    Could you give more detail of your situation? Some general advice would be to ensure that any extraction boxes you draw covers the entire text of each instance you are trying to extract (needs to cover at least 95% of it).

    Also are you aware of IQ Bot? Its an AA tool that specialises in PDF data extraction - it is compatible with both V11 and A2019.

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