Object Cloning (web) - Figure out the visibility of an object

Hi there

I’m trying to deal with an archaic single-page JSF+Ajax portal on which all objects are present after the page is loaded but simply hidden and made visible whenever required.

Although you can get a few properties I haven’t found a way to fetch the relevant style attribute. Here the concerned div has a style=“visibility: hidden or visible” in its attributes.

That would be easy in JS: document.getElementById(“ID”).style.visibility

Can you think of any way to figure it out?



  • I was wondering if you were able to figure this out as I'm also fighting the same visibility issue?

  • Hi - are you saying that the page objects are not shown even if you load up the page and then open the browser developer tools (eg DOM explorer) and manually trawl down the tree?

  • Correct the page objects or html elements are not shown purposely. Object cloning can get the element and do whatever needs to be done to it regardless of whether is shown or not but I don't want for object cloning to take any action if the element is hidden. This is the reason why we need to grab a property from the object first to determine if it's visible or not.

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