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  • Hi, I'm Mark

    I have worked with various forms of IT Automation since the early 90s (see my LinkedIn profile and I co-founded Extra Technology in 2007. Extra Technology specialises in Automation, including Process Automation, Workload Automation, Release Automation and more recently focusses on Robotic Process Automation.

    Extra Technology is an Automation Anywhere Partner, providing Sales, Services and Education across multiple sectors. Our team has an excellent reputation for delivering robust, efficient and innovative solutions.

    I am an Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (I took this Extra Technology education course -

    My background includes many years working for banks but I have also worked in a hands-on capacity in retail, manufacturing, automotive, public and insurance sectors. My current role concentrates on selling solutions and helping to build top-quality delivery teams.

    I look forward to reading the discussions on this forum; there is much for us all to learn. RPA is certainly an exciting topic, Automation Anywhere is clearly the market leader, and the product keeps getting better.

  • Hello, I'm Daniel

    I am a Senior Consultant and Educator at Extra Technology, a global provider of IT automation solutions and an Automation Anywhere Partner.

    I lead Extra Technology's Managed Services team, delivering highly available, efficient, automation solutions for customers in a variety of sectors.

    Additionally, I write and deliver Extra Technology's Education Courses and produce 'How To' videos for Extra Technology’s YouTube video channel (AA videos will be coming soon).

    I am Automation Anywhere trained and certified. Vendor certified to deliver Automation Anywhere certification training. I co-wrote and deliver these courses -

    A regular guest speaker at industry User Groups and conferenced, I have presented on varied topics including Automation, Analytics, Upgrade Strategies, Managing Service Level Agreements and Software Development Lifecycle Management.

    I am looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from other forum members.

  • Hi, I am Paul

    I am a Senior Account Manager for Extra Technology's Automation Anywhere customers. Providing complete solutions, including licenses, services and education.

    I have a long history of managing key accounts and have spent the past 5 years working with leading IT Automation providers.

    This forum will be a great place for us to all share our experiences and learn more about an absolutely brilliant toolset from Automation Anywhere.

  • Hi, I am Adrian

    My background is in architecting, developing and managing sophisticated eCommerce solutions with business improvement, system integration and process automation being key factors in my solution delivery. I am now a RPA subject matter expert, vendor certified with Automation Anywhere but also familiar with a number of other popular products.

    I am a Team Leader for Extra Technology, delivering RPA solutions for global customers in multiple sectors including Banking and Energy. I continue to gain new Automation Anywhere knowledge on a daily basis. I enjoy any chance to learn new things and take time to provide knowledge transfer to my customers and fellow team members.

    RPA is a rapidly changing technology, with Automation Anywhere leading the way with products that continuously evolve and improve... We all need advice and support from time to time. I have already published some dos and don’ts tips elsewhere on this forum and look forward to interacting with fellow forum members soon.

  • Hello, I’m Bhupinder

    I am co-founder and CIO of Extra Technology, an Automation Anywhere Partner. Delivering Automation solutions for over 25 years, I have hands-on Automation Anywhere skills and am vendor trained and certified.

    The RPA market is rapidly expanding and available solutions becoming increasingly advanced. At Extra Technology we are very excited to be working alongside with Automation Anywhere. We think that our many years of providing low-risk, robust, innovative automation solutions really compliments Automation Anywhere’s market leading toolset and rapid technological advances.

    In addition to managing Extra Technology’s Technical team I continue to personally deliver Senior Solutions Architect services to global corporations and co-wrote Extra Technology’s Automation Anywhere education courses. I think that it is essential for technology leaders to truly know their subject at a detailed level.

    I hope to see plenty of discussion on this forum and look forward to posting my own contributions too.

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    Hey, I’m Zakk

    I am an Automation Anywhere Lead Developer and Training Instructor at Extra Technology.

    I have delivered successful robotization projects for multiple companies including:

    • large financial advice network
    • international pharmacovigilance service provider
    • mortgage broker at the bleeding edge of innovation
    • insurance claims handling agent
    • international law firm
    • leading stock exchange and financial information organisation

    Working closely with the vendor, as a key member of a leading AA partner.

    I am looking forward to some interesting discussions on this forum

  • Hello, I am Sean

    I am the Development Manager at Extra Technology. I am a keen student of Automation processes and have spent too much time over the years, automating processes for my own use, especially automating games. This can be surprisingly intricate and involves OCR, Screen Scraping, File modifications, Automated User responses etc. In fact almost all of the Automation processes one encounters in an Enterprise environment!

    I have a history in process monitoring and improvement. I am very excited to be a part of RPA and look forward to advancing in this very interesting field.

  • Hi, I'm John.

    I've worked in hi-tech marketing and business development for a long time, with software, hardware and services providers.

    For the last few years I've been running marketing for Extra Technology and I've been working in the exciting RPA sector. Forums have been incredibly productive for other technologies, so it's good to be a part of this one, helping build a virtuous circle of user-led debate, q&a and vendor feedback.

  • I am Cono. I only recently started working with Automation Anywhere and I am enjoying it. I think it is helpful that this forum gives users a place to share tips and discuss problems

  • Welcome aboard Cono - nice to meet you :smile:

  • My name is Damian Griffiths.

    I've spent a good deal of my career trying to automate many different aspects of a variety of different businesses. My pièce de résistance was automating the weekend system health checks at UBS back in the early naughties. The teams from India would spend many hours each weekend reviewing all their systems, logging on, checking log files and database logs etc. With a little thought I managed to get encapsulate this process in a system which ran in just fifteen minutes and sent an SMS to the person on-call if it discovered any issues. It saved time and money and made me very popular with the Indian team :smiley:

    Since then I've gone on to simplify and automate many different aspects of roles I've been working in when allowed and I get a real thrill out of removing the monotony out of people's roles and freeing them to get on with meaningful work rather than attending to day to day drudge !

    AA and RPA is a natural extension of the work I've been doing since I started in IT back in 1993. I'm thrilled to be involved with RPA and its super to be working with Extra Technology again. ET did a fantastic job for Paul Derrett and myself at BAML in Chester for our conversion of TWS to Autosys for Card Services. I was incredibly impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and most of all their willingness to share knowledge and continued assistance long after the original work was completed. Its an honour to be working with such a great bunch of people and I feel very privileged.

  • Hi I'm Gordon. For nearly 20 years I have automated processes. For many years the terminology changed without the technology advancing by much but now I believe RPA to be a game-changer and I am enjoying the discovery process.

  • Hi, I'm Mark. I've been using MS Office/SQL Server for a number of years but decided to branch out and try something new about 18 months ago.
    RPA is interesting and I hope I'm getting better at it though sometimes I pull my hair out when things work 99 times out of 100 and for the life of me I can't work out why it goes wrong just that 1 time!!!

  • Hi, I am Di, Client Technical Specialist at IBM.

  • Hi to Gordon, Mark and Di - We welcome your contributions.

  • Hi
    My background is in Application Architect providing business improvement, system integration using Microsoft .Net and process automation being key factors in my solution delivery. I am now a RPA subject matter expert, certified in UiPath , and now started learning started developing in Automation Anywhere
    I am working in Verizon .

  • I am RPA develper and I have 5 yrs of .NET experience

  • Hello Everyone, This is Rohith. I am learning RPA devlopment using Automation Anywhere from the past 2 weeks. Excited and Looking forward for more experience.

  • I am Samraj. I am only recently started doing the course for one month. I played a lot and full of fun. Excited and looking forward to more experience.

  • Welcome trajkumar, pravin, Rohith and Samraj - nice to meet you

  • Hi all,
    I am Sandeep Verma. I am RPA Developer (Automation Anywhere) and working with an MNC @Hyderabad, INDIA. I have more than Six years of experience as Dot Net Developer role. Very much optimistic about RPA role presently I am doing.

  • Hi Sandeep - Welcome to the forum

  • Hi All, i’m Paul and i head up client services for automation anywhere in Europe. Thought I would drop in to meet and hear from some of your community

  • Hi everyone my name is Bhavani Shankar I am working as RPA developer just started working I hope to learn more about this process and I am happy to meet to you all.

  • Hi everyone. My name is Keith Bacon. I have many years development experience as a systems designer and programmer so I am trying to set up AA in the way I would any other development tool - with standardised ways of handing configuration, logging and errors. Our first bot was running a report on a web site and entering its data into a spreadsheet. Our next one signs on to a web site and downloads a file and runs a script to process the file. Now my 3rd one signs into the same web site and deletes historical data so the second and 3rd bots have some shareable code. We expect to be writing many more bots and want them to be easy to understand and support.

  • Hello all,
    I have been doing automation 12 years now. Mostly in banking and fraud prevention. For most of this time i used an automation language AutoHotkey an opensource tool i took ownership of in 2013. I have been using Automation Anywhere for 2.5 years now. I have operated an automation help forum for the past 6 years and had a hand in much of the browser automation for IE that exists today. I am an expert with SQL, PHP, VBS, JS with only junior knowledge of .NET and JAVA.

  • Hi, I’m Mark Mayes from London.

    I’ve been a software developer for more than 30 years and have worked on short-term, IT consultancy contracts (typically between 3 and 12 months), for financial institutions (investment banks, retail banks, hedge funds and insurance companies, etc.) for the last 23 years.

    My core skillset has always floated around the Microsoft stack, namely; C#, .Net, VB, SQL Server, etc.

    I took the plunge into RPA, and more specifically, Automation Anywhere, about 4 years ago and so far, I’m finding that there are very few other RPA developers with a similar background and skillset to myself. My combination of .Net, SQL Server, AA, and a solid background in enterprise-level software development is proving to be quite valuable, which has resulted in some excellent contract placements.

    Also, many of the companies I’ve worked at have employed a strategy of training their own SME’s as AA developers, which means that on most of my placements, I’m the senior developer amongst a team of juniors who are completely new, not only to AA, but also to software development. As you can imagine, I’ve done a lot of hands-on training recently, so much so that I’m currently developing a training curriculum, aimed at people who are brand-new to AA and software development in general. I’m creating this training program in conjunction with another company who will take care of the training delivery.

    Over the last year, I’ve developed and implemented, what I call, the AA Developer Framework. This a combination of AA code templates and general development standards. However, the main component of the framework is a SQL Server database (with accompanying stored procedures, views, client-side AA code and a Windows application to maintain everything). This framework database has been used by an entire RPA development team over the past 12 months to create more than 14 successfully implemented bots. This database model component enables multiple developers to work on the same project, seamlessly and importantly, by talking the same ‘framework’ language.

    Anyway, I’m at risk here of wandering into some kind of sales pitch so I’ll stop now!

    I just wanted to say “Hi” and I’m looking forward to seeing the discussions and, with any luck, maybe getting involved with a few myself.

    Thanks everyone and take care

  • Hi, I'm Pavan with 7.2 years of IT exp in Banking domain.

    I've worked with Citi Bank as RPA (Automation Anywhere) Developer and currently working with LinkedIn Financials, Bangalore. Apart from AA, my core skills are Peoplesoft Financials & SAP Business Objects

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Cameron McMahon, I'm a Lead RPA Developer and AA Instructor working for Extra Technology. I'm here on the AAA forums to answer as many questions as possible and to Administrate the forum generally as well. I'm looking forward to talking through any AA based problems that anyone has and helping as mch as possible!


  • Hi All,

    My name is Aidan and I'm an RPA developer at Extra Technology. Feel free to message me and ask about anything to do with Automation Anywhere and Extra Technology and I'll do my best to assist!


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